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    On the occasion of the EPE General Assembly 2018, at the Economic and Social Committee Brussels

 Mr. Raymond van Ermen (EPE special advisor), Ms Brenda King (Chair Sustainable Development Observatory, EESC), Mr. Gilles Berhault (Vice President EPE), Mrs Geraldine Walsh (President EPE), Mr. Tom Vereijken (Exec. Director EPE)

European Partners for the Environment

EPE is a Brussels based partnership broker and a multi-stakeholder think tank. EPE has been launched after the Rio92 conference in July 1994, by a group of organisations under the leadership of Claude Fussler and the patronage of UNEP. EPE’s history proves that the organization has been - and is - visionary and the right party to foster ‘transformational collaboration’ for social and eco-innovation.

"The challenge is to join forces and bring together key stakeholders to bring the transformative change we need in the world”. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon at the ‘EU Sustainable Energy for All’ Summit. April 16th 2012. Brussels 

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Mrs. Laura Boldrini, President of the Italian Chambre of Deputies addressing

the EuropeAmbition 2030 conference on March 23rd ,2017

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