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EPE’s mission is to stimulate collective intelligence on ‘new generation of partnerships’ for a New Prosperity for Europe , in a global, interconnected and interdependent world, and explores how to scale up partnerships best practices with 3 main objectives:

  • massive, systemic change,
  • green economy
  • good-life-for-all value chain partnerships.

EPE has demonstrated its skills to mobilise high level expertise at EU and International levels.

EPE is a membership-based organisation led by its Council and an Executive Team.

There is a need for action oriented partnerships. It's not about the 'why" and "what" anymore, but the general feeling is about: we know what to do, and we have the tools for it, but HOW shall we do it. EPE can play an important role in explaining the HOW and play a role in ACTING, in selected areas.

"This year 2018, EPE encourages the development of 2 new partnerships governance steps to make progress at EU level: (i) Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals and (ii) Green Finance - to engage other value chain partners in fields related to resource efficiency and energy democracy to monitor progress, report and engage in generating innovation".
Tom Vereijken, EPE